Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Remix of the Day

Here's your remix of the day. It's a wonderful reinterpretation of Phoenix's Lisztomania. Get groovy. It's called the redial mix. I like.

By William's!

I just popped into the bottle'o on the way home for a quick six pack because I'm making Spaghetti Bolognese tonight for me and a few mates and beer would go nicely with. I came across William's Organic Pale Ale. You need to go get yourself one. It's crisp, citrusy, and full flavoured and refreshingly easy to drink. Ahh.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boutique Shopping

Here is one little shop I found that is rather worth a look. The bits and pieces aren't cheap but it's the kind of stuff you ask other people to buy for as gifts. Have a look here:

Club Feet Strike Again

Just found this on YouTube. You need listen to it. Wait for the part with the singing. Uh, just so good.

Club Feet Find

I was listening to Triple R radio the other night (102.7 FM in Melbourne) and I heard this. It's by a group called Club Feet, and tis is the Munk remix. Give it a listen. If you prefer you music a bit grittier give the original version a bash.

Green Spot

This florist was across the road from where I scored an amazing amount of RayBans for a ridiclously low price. But the plastic sunnies will never match the beauty of nature, especially when you happen to have a florist shop on a tropical island. The flowers in here were amazing. If only I could bring a bunch back to Australia. Customs would not have a bar of it. So I took this photo for you to enjoy instead.

Rat Race

Here was a photo I took in this really cool little beachy store that sold over-priced t-shirts. The ad is for insight but I love the sign the guy is holding. So true. There are a lot of rats in this world and I don't like them, even if they drive a Ferrari. They're still a rat.

Deer Field Vintage

Hayley, a friend of mine has an eye for fabulous clothing. And she finds it in the most peculiar places, often in old, forgotten op-shops in the country. Places we'd never find. But because she's so clever she's set up an online store via facebook and you can peruse her various items at your leisure and drop her a line via a comment to notify her you want to purchase something. She has very recently opened up a mens line as well so I can get in on the action. Although, she's got plenty of things there for girls too (dresses, skirts, accessories, tops, hats, etc.). I just got a white cable-knit jumper. Very preppy. Very me. And at only $40 it was a steal. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

So do yourself, and your wardrobe a giant favour and check out her store here:

Prodigal Blogger

I am terribly sorry but my private life ran away with me and I've had very little blogging time. And when I did, I slept instead. Or read trashy novels. So I'm sorry dear blog-reader and I'm back. And as curious as ever. And even better is the fact I've both moved into a new place (so I have more stories) and I'm just back from overseas (so I have plenty of curious photos to share). Thanks for being so patient. I've missed you all. I'll get back to blogging now.