Monday, September 2, 2013


Another little thought from Louise L. Hay's book 'Heart Thoughts' to get you on your life path. It's incredible how interconnected we as humans are to our planet, our environment, the cosmos and to each other. Scientists say that every cell in our bodies came from an exploding star, and yet we rely on the water cycle and sunlight for plants to grow, which in turn become our food. Animals can sense our fear an calm, and human interaction brings us belonging and love. Relationships are everywhere. You're already connected to all life, even if you feel alone. You're not. You're part of all the life that surrounds you. Now, go be an active and beneficial part of it! 

Salute the Reuser and Get a KeepCup

I had a KeepCup ages ago, but I lost it in the spongiform staffroom at work and it was lost forever. I've only recently gone and gotten myself another, and not a moment too soon. I'd spilled scorching hot water all over my poor wrists and fingers countless times trying to walk my mugs of coffee or tea from the staffroom to my office, or a nearby classroom. I don't have the kinesthetic abilities needed to do so without slopping it everywhere, thus the KeepCup is the way to go. 

KeepCups are Australian made and owned, which in this day and age is a rarity indeed. You can choose from the colours already put together for you (such as mine below - large in "Aurora") or you can design your own, or design one for a friend. Very nice. 

So, check out their online store and grab yourself one. I even got my best mate's toddler a mini one, the same colour as mine so he can get his bubbachino to go. 

Check them out here:

And watch their promotional video 'Salute the Reuser' here: 

Vampire Weekend vs. Paul Simon Mashup

As my previous post mentioned, I'm an enormous fan of both Vampire Weekend, and their semi-step-father-of-afro-pop-rock Paul Simon. Someone by the name of "Gorillathrillers" on YouTube has put together a perfect mashup of 'White Sky' by Vampire Weekend and 'Crazy Love' by Paul Simon. It's literally amazing how well these songs combine. It's almost like they were recorded together. Wonderful. Give it a listen below.