Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Headdress Out

This Sunday is Big Day Out in Melbourne and I for one am really exciting. And since Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are playing I'm going all Native American Indian and feathery. But I don't want to completely destroy the rather expensive one I bought online and have blogged about previously so I decided to make my own. So here is how you make a feather headdress and accompanying neckpiece.

Step 1.

Buy some feathers. Choose colours that will suit your outfit or the day for which you're making it. Be as adventurous or as natural as you like.

Step 2.

Get a selection of beads that will match your feathers. These are mainly for the neckpiece.

Step 3.

Go to you local craft shop (preferably a small business) and find yourself some ribbon. Get as detailed and intricate designs as you can, always remembering to stick with the colours you have already chosen for the feathers and beads. But feel free to add some more colour. More is always better. I got mine from a little craft shop called Craft Haven on Adams Lane in Berwick, (for more details check out the store here: The lady there is really friendly and was eager to help so check out the little shop there if you can.

Step 4.

Cut your ribbon to match the cheap costume American Indian headdress you've bought from a discount or variety store. Then, layer the pieces symmetrically in the order you want them to be on the main headpiece.

[Side Note: I found Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength Construction Adhesive to work much better than PVA glue. Although it's used to build houses so just be careful where you put it. I almost permanently adhered several pieces of ribbon to my hand and then my hand to my desk.]

Step 5.

Trim the ribbons to neaten up the main headpiece once they are all stuck on.

Step 6.

Choose the feathers you want to build the centerpiece of your neckpiece. Then poke them all into a bead to keep them together.

Step 7.

Tie three beads onto a piece of twine evenly and then add the feather+bead combinations to them.

And here is the finished product.

Step 8.

Look incredible and have people wish they were you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lego Fame

This made me smile. I'm a Lego lover and have been since I could build blocks up and break them down. And I still am. Although I keep it a secret most times. However, this I just had to share with you. Famous people from history as Lego figures. Yes, a perfect match. Enjoy the rather curious likenesses. Want more? Have a gander at this:


The Jackson Analogue is a rockabilly band with a rough edge and a twangy soul that I came across during one of my late night JB Hi-Fi bargain CD purchases. I had no idea how good a bargain I was getting. They're great. This is their new song Glue. You'll be glued to them as soon as you listen. That was a lot less corny in my head.

Hipster Fit

The new Honda Jazz people have come up with a great way of displaying their vehicle's versatility and spaciousness by cramming it full of hipsters. Yes, hipsters. How much hipster can you fit in a Honda Jazz? Click on the video and watch to find out.


The other night I was out with friends at an all you can eat gourmet buffet (it was delicious) and I happened upon the strawberry ice-cream in the dessert section. It was not only yummy but it was also filled with egg white, something that gives me anaphylaxis.

Now, I'm not a shy person, but there is something about swelling up like a jumping castle that makes me a little embarrassed. It was awful. My eye swelled up as if someone had punched me, my lip went fat, and my general countenance was none-too-flattering. My friends rushed me off to the hospital only a short drive away (made shorter by my friend's James Bond-esque driving skills), and I was fine after several adrenalin injections and a score of other in-vitro fluids.

Yes, one fun night. But I thought I'd let everyone know that before I'd projectile vomited most of my dinner up I had a really nice meal and I'm sure you would to. It's down in the South East of Melbourne at a place called The Lynbroook Hotel. It's about $25 for unlimited food (good, tasty food) and beer was about $3 or $4. Yes please.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bedingfield Perfect

Great song. Natasha Bedingfield does it again. Jump around your lounge room to this at full volume. I want to see some serious leaping about. Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sipping My Way To Health

I just hit up a little store that Ben a friend of mine took me to, which was down a small and somewhat intimidating and decrepit old arcade. Inside I met Vera, the store owner, and was impressed with not only her knowledge but her collection of herbs and teas.

There were a lot. I have never, in fact, seen so many bottles of mysterious blends and botanical ingredients ever before and I was mesmerised. So taken that I spent far too much.

But I did get quite a few bags of herbs and teas, including Red Clover (which is a good blood cleanser, isofavones, blood clot killer and prostate cancer fighter, and is also a fantastic source of countless vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, thiamine, potassium, etc.), Gotu Kola [pictured] (that is an excellent brain tonic that increases memory, thinking ability and intelligence - which I could do with at times, skin disorders or acne, combats stress, increases libido, and can even fight depression), and Goldenrod (which is your kidney's best friend and assists water processing throughout your body, and can alleviate and/or prevent kidney stones, UTIs, and has anti-inflammatory qualities). So, I'll be a new person in no time at all. If you're interested in herbs and their properties check out the Herb Wisdom website:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Down To Business Cards

Curiouser Than Usual now has business cards. We thought that business cards might be a nice addition to the upcoming blog and what better way to direct Best In Show well-dressed strangers than a little card. The cards are square and feature this image on one side, and then the background colour from the blog on the other with the website in the site's own grey font. But none of this could have been possible without the suggestions, ideas, and skills of Luke Surace, a dedicated creative whom I worked closely with in the design of the cards. Check out the VISIVO website here: (you might have to give it a week or so 'til it's up and running).

I look forward to casually making conversation about architecture and dead shots over a Long Island Ice Tea with you and passing you one of the business cards as I leave, tossing my fringe, walking into the sunset. Or something.

Neutra Houses

Richard Neutra was born in 1892 and died in 1970. What was so special about him? What did he contribute to human creativity? Well, he was one of Modernism's greatest architects and designed houses that would still be considered state of the art. Incredible. Born in Vienna, his style has a very strong European influence, even perhaps a Scandinavian one, yet when he eventually moved to California his style took on a more western appeal. Perhaps my favourite architect, I thought I'd share some photos from his various creations. Get inspired.

Aquatic Dead Shots

As aforementioned, dead shots are taking the relatively small world of mine by storm and the latest occurrence was yesterday at a pool party. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Foods

Are you feeling a little under the weather? Tired? Weak? Lethargic? Drained? Do you want to feel energised and vitalised? Then you need to start eating a group of easily accessible, relatively cheap foods known as Superfoods due to their high energy content and exuberant health benefits. David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, identifies the top 10 superfoods. They are:

1. Goji Berries
2. Cacao
3. Maca
4. Bee Products (honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly)
5. Spirulina
6. AFA Blue-Green Algae
7. Marine Phytoplankton
8. Aloe Vera
9. Hempseed
10. Coconuts and Coconut Products

Each Superfood has unique properties that can do all sorts of incredible things for your body, such as give you tremendous natural energy levels, boost your immune system, improve your vision, prevent and cure cancers, control blood sugar, balance your thyroid gland and weight, etc. They are amazing. Grab a copy of his book and start living better today. You WILL feel different I assure you. I do, and I've only recently started including them in my diet.

If you want to buy any Superfoods the best place to do so is Power Super Foods which you can find here: And the food is distributed from Sydney so if you're in Australia it's pretty much next day delivery. Here's to your health.

Move Over Batman

Seattle has a crime problem, like every other city in the world, however one of its crime-solution is unlike any other; it has real life super heros. Seriously. Meet Phoenix Jones, self-professed super hero, doing what every citizen only dreams of. He kits himself up in his kevlar torso suit, mask, gloves and tighty tights and prowls the city in search of trouble.

Apparently Phoenix and his other super hero members call 911 if they see something going down, then intervene with force. They've come to the rescue of hundreds of would be victims and often restrain the offender until the police arrive.

He does need to protect himself and has been injured in his efforts several times. It seems as if this is just part of the job though and nothing deters him. He carries with him a Tazer, net-gun, and grappling hook. I really wish I could hang out with this guy. Check out the video.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn is a book that I've always known of and have a vague idea about but really haven't given a proper, good read. I mean, it sits in the blazing light of all things truly American and is constantly referenced in popular culture, yet I haven't actually sat down and read it.

And I guess it was for two main reasons. 1. I'm not American. Not that this fact rules you out from reading it, but I guess the cultural differences meant I read books like Blinky Bill and Tomorrow When The War Began instead. 2. It's not everywhere. I haven't really, (until now) seen the book around. Never at least when I was younger and would have liked a book about a young boy on a grand adventure. But now I see the book everywhere in it's return to the Penguin Classic shelves and I want to know what it's all about.

The story, written by Mark Twain, takes place on the Mississippi river and the mysterious and often folk lore rich lands surrounding it. You follow the rough and often mishap filled adventured of Huck Finn, the boy that would give the Energiser Battery a run for its money. He's lovable, adventurous, somewhat insightful, and reminds everyone a bit of themselves. I know you'll love reading it as I will too. So grab a copy and get ready to discuss it at the beginning of February.

You can also pick up this great hardcopy edition, (pictured), although the older copies are nice too. Try and get one with illustrations. As Alice would say, 'What's the use of a book that's all words and dialogue and no pictures?'

Attention: Curiouser Than Usual Book Club

I have good news. After such a fantastic effort on the part of the club last read I am going to set you all a new book. It was amazing having people tell me, (many people that hadn't actually commented on the blog, but read the book along with us and really enjoyed it) how much they'd liked the book, or not, and why. And a lot of people had some fantastic insights.

This time we're going to make it a bit different. Still feel free to comment on the online/blog section, but this time I'm going to give people the chance to email images and other media and text types. All emails, etc. will be made into posts and put on the blog for all to see. It will make the whole process much more accessible and interactive, which is what this blog is about.

So get ready for the next chapter of the Curiouser Than Usual Book Club and grab yourself a copy of HUCKLEBERRY FINN. More on the book choice later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Etiquette And Other Such Sounds

As already mentioned I'm loving and through that delightfully informative blog I have become a fan of Casiotones For The Painfully Alone's album Etiquette. It's amazing. And so is the cover art, kind of a Richard Scarry take on a creepy table conversation between a crocodile and a ghost. I love it. And you will too. The blog suggested I Love Credence as a good song to start you off with the style, and I couldn't agree more. So start there, then listen to Nashville Parthenon. So good. Get on it and start tapping your foot.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mass Dead Shot

I just found these the other night and remembered I mentioned 'dead shots' to you so I thought I'd upload and share. Remember to whip the idea out next time you're out taking pictures with friends. Super fun.

Attention: Indie Kids

Do you like good music? I mean, really good music. Not Powderfinger or Cold Play, really good music where the artists aren't sellouts, the lyrics are meaningful, the sound is unique and the artists are actually creative and talented? I do. Well, I like to think I do (even though I have a small penchant for audio trash) and I have been alerted to a brand new blog you very much need to get into. It's called Listen To This Indie Kid and is a explosion of edgy new bands, news and information on bands you thought you knew and liked, and interesting links and posts. Perfect if you're looking for some new tunes too. So do yourself a huge favour and click this link. Let me know what you think. And send any other Indie Kids you know there to straighten them out.

Alphabetical Warfare

Oliver Munday made this very effective yet hard-hitting alphabet using army figurines. It speaks volumes. Well done Oliver, I couldn't have spelt it out better.

Have Your Say

Here at Curiouser Than Usual I love having my say, but up 'til now it's been hideously one-sided. With exceptions to those with Google Accounts who can leave comments the blog is somewhat non-interactive. Until now. I have added a "reaction" feature which allows you, the reader, to say what you think about articles. And you can see what other people think about them too. Of course, I still read all of your comments so if you can comment please do so. Otherwise, click away.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Following Obstructions

A few days ago I was traipsing around the alleys of Melbourne and saw this. Thought I'd share the lack of obedience the shop owners in the vicinity display. Although I do wonder what would happen in the event of a fire. Oh my.

Beginning Again

It is the beginning of a brand new week. You can forget about the mix up at the hospital, bringing up the size of someone's head, awkwardly tripping in public and then continuing to walk as if nothing happened, falling off that silly little black stool at that coffee shop, and burning dinner. It's time to start afresh.

Wake yourself up with a latte from down the road and whip out a notebook to write down the things you need to accomplish. Then, since most of you aren't on holidays anymore, work all day without looking at the clock. Eat a healthy, energising salad or focaccia for lunch and grab some weekly DVDs on the way home to watch tonight. Grab a box of Nestle Drumsticks while you're at it and have a night in. There. Your day has transformed from dull and hideously boring to accomplishable and positive.

And while you're being so darn organised and Devil Wears Prada personal assistant-ish, grab yourself a copy of Man About Town. You'll find it at Borders and it will entertain men and women alike. There's an article on Patrick Grant, a history of soap, an in-depth interview with Pharrell Williams, and lots of inspirational fashion advice. So get a copy and start reading. Have a fabulous week everyone.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boys & Girls Listen Up

A fun video to get dressed to before you head out.

United Plates

I can't for the life of me remember where I found this little image but the design is fantastic. They need to make one of Australia, although it will involve far less states and territories and most probably not be able to be arranged into the shape of a heart. More like the bottom of a cereal bowl after eating soggy Nutri-Grain. Or a Greek wedding. However, this picture is great. Enjoy your weekends everyone wherever you live.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dead Shots

This is a trend of my very own that my friends have taken a great liking to. Perhaps a little scandalous, these photos are very fun to take. Simply call out "dead shot" when taking one and allow the person/people in the photo to play dead. The more ridiculous or extreme the circumstances/props are the better the result. Here are a few to get you started. Upload them here or give me a link to yours if you come up with your very own.

Best In Show

I have come up with a new regular segment and it is called Best In Show, a snapshot of very fashion-sensible people from in and around Melbourne. As it is a new segment I've taken liberties in choosing three best dressed people, all from Rooftop Bar on Swanston St. interestingly enough. As you can see there are some very cool citizens lurking in our midst and they deserve recognition for their aesthetic efforts. Usually it will only consist of one photo and description but this week I've narrowed it down to three.

Okay, here we go.

This lovely lady has mixed blue and black, which is a process that is to be attempted only if you were born with a sense of style. Unfortunately many people do not pull this particular colour combination off at all, but this is a very good example of how it can be achieved. If you are going to give it a go make sure you use a 'buffer' colour like white or tan brown. Here you can see this particular person has gone with a billowy white blouse with clever bow collar. Her blue suede heels are teamed with blue and grey knit socks over black tights. The blouse sits low enough to be a dress and completes the overall outfit. Perfect.

Here this gentleman has used a simple yet effective palate. His denim shirt, which is my favourite new item of this season, sits comfortably over the orange, navy blue and white striped t-shirt below. The v-neck cut works for guys with a bit of a chest but should be avoided if you're a flat chested kind of guy. Here it works well. The well-above-knee shorts are also well matched in a 2002 stonewash, and would also work in a pair of chinos (rolled up cuffs of course). The shoes are also a nice touch and the dark laces help match in the black watch face and socks, although I advise readers to ditch the socks with shorts unless they're very obvious and well above the ankle, even if a little crumpled. This is a great look.

Whoever said black was out was dead wrong. This fabulous outfit shows that Melbourne is the home of black, which is always the next black of the fashion world. This soft collared wrap/jacket works so well with the black skirt and shoes. The Dr. Martin's boot should always have a space in your wardrobe, especially since the 90s are making such a massive comeback this season (if your need a visual, watch Empire Records). But my favourite item has to be the incredibly cool circular safari sunglasses. Tom Ford released a series of eyewear that feature these so grab a pair. Overall a fantastic look we could all learn from.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dress Like Ken

If you're having trouble mixing and matching your items, or of you're just having trouble in your life in general, look no further than Ken. He's been what men have been living up to for decades. Have a sneak peek into the secret world of his ever-changing wardrobe.