Monday, January 30, 2012

Healing Thoughts

It's back to work time and I for one am rather vacillating in my thoughts about it. I know all of my colleagues are going to be hateful and down in the dumps about the new year starting with a prospect of a whole new year of work, (and to be honest I am a little bit that way inclined already). But In don't want to feel that way. At all.

The reason I start this post like this is because I'm currently reading a book by Louise L. Hay. It's her 25th anniversary edition of You Can Heal Your Life and it is amazing. Basically, the book is written in chapters with each chapter designed as a step of a larger process; one that is designed to help you in effect heal your own life. You begin by identifying your personal struggles or problems, figuring out where this problem came from, asking yourself if the issue you have is true or not, deciding what to do next, getting over resistance to change, identifying how to change, building a new reality for yourself, and then making the new reality your own true reality. It's amazing.

So you can see how this is related. I have a problem: Hating the idea of going back to work. Perhaps even feeling trapped or stale in my career. But there is a whole new way of thinking about the situation. In fact, thinking is a major component of the solution.

Let me illustrate it this way. Let's say the problem you have is financial. You never seem to get ahead. You live in debt. It feels as if there is no way out and you'll be like this forever. Now examine your thoughts. Stop yourself mid-thought and discern what that thought is. Is it positive or negative? What are you thinking as regards yourself and your finances. You probably think something along the lines of, "I just can't win." Or, "I'm not worthy of a comfortable life." Or perhaps you believe that debt and burdens are just necessary in life.

Now comes the change. If you think something is true, it becomes true for you, (and we're not talking about fairies here). If you believe you can't get out of the debt you're in, you never will. If you start believing that you can get out of debt, (which will in turn create a different outlook and different actions on your behalf), you will positively work towards a solution. And in time the solution becomes your reality. You're no longer in financial worries. Of course, it's not magic. You have to work at it. But it does work.

So I am thinking positively about my future, especially when it comes to my work. I will believe that my work is going to make me happy. It will challenge me and help me grow as a person. I will benefit from it, and I will enjoy it. There you go.

Now I'll get back to reading. Put it into practice people!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Suede Shoes

I just bought a pair of these. Had to share. They go with literally everything I've ever bought. Get yourself a pair too. They're from ZU Shoes. The style is called 'Reflect' and they are in the colour 'Ice'.

2012 Fashion Forecast

2012 has begun. This year fashion will return to the 90s; a time where Angela Landsbury and Murphy Brown were synonymous with both brains and good taste in clothing, when people wore jackets often, where it was expected that you'd brought a jumper in case the weather changed, and shoes were comfortable. Add a few blazers (shoulder pads optional), some understated shoes that are both comfortable and attractive, a pair of chinos in a nondescript colour and a huge leather bag. You'll be all set. Here are some photos to get you inspired.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Instragram It

I was introduced to Instragram about six days ago and I seriously cannot get enough of it. It's an app for iPhone (and probably other, not-as-wonderful phones) and it turns your ho-hum photos into something marvellous and beautiful. It's great. Here's a few of my new creations. If you've got it already follow me! My username is landoftakewhatyouwant. Ok, I'm off to go Instagram some more. Very addictive.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get Prepped

As you all know, I am very preppy. Well, at least I think I am. Think old brick buildings by the sea, lawn parties, fairy lights, preparatory schools, v neck sweaters, sunglasses on inside and gin & tonics and you're halfway there. Now, my good friend Tommy Hilfiger has come out with a new fragrance for both men and women - Eau de Prep. I am dying to get my hands on some. I'll be testing it as soon as I can. I'll let you know if it lives up to my wardrobe.

Port Phillip Estate

When I think of a 'winery', I think snobs, and good cheese, and a layer of class and knowledge unbeknownst to the average man. Port Phillip Estate at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula (about an hour drive from Melbourne) has all of this, and so much more. Rolling hills of glowing vineyards, stunning views, huge glass windows you would hate to have to clean yourself, and friendly staff that retain both a professional and cheeky interaction. I really enjoyed myself there, I have to admit it. The wines ranged from about $25, however the food at the restaurant wasn't necessarily cheap. Though, when you're sitting around laughing haughtily with friends, surrounded by world class vistas and gourmet menus it's hard to really care all that much about price.

On arrival you're met with a strange, undulating building exterior, reminiscent of a Bond villain's abode. Then, after a large wooden, self-opening door allows you entry you're greeted by an enormous bunch of hydrangeas and tasteful decor, all flooded with the natural light pouring in from the aforementioned massive expanse of windows. It would have been nice to be greeted by someone though. A smile goes a long way.

We had to wait for a place at the long wine-tasting bar, which was annoying but has to be expected. When we finally did begin our tasting journey, ($10 fee, but that can be deducted from a bottle of wine at the end of your session) we were not disappointed. The whites were nice - some were a little watery at times I felt - however the Cabernet Sauvignon was delicious. The reds were much better, and the staff were even better still. I was served by the wry and benevolent Leonie, who I hope serves you. She knew so much about the wines, yet didn't make me feel like an idiot once. That's an achievement - I don't know a whole lot about the wine-making exercise, but she was friendly and knowledgeable. A nice combination.

Overall, the experience is one I'll repeat often, in summer, after a lazy morning at the beach. And I strongly suggest you go and try it all for yourself. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting By

I thought I was the only one who at times becomes unmotivated due to the fact that life means death. But apparently not. In the movie The Art of Getting By we meet George (played by Freddie Highmore who you'll recognise as the little boy Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Tim Burton). George is unmotivated and depressed at the age of 17. He should be finishing high school and trying to get into college, but alas his melancholia prevents him for handing in a single piece of work. Sally (played by Emma Roberts) meets George and they have an awkward friendship/relationship. And eventually... well, I'll let you watch the movie. Go grab a copy and watch it with M&Ms and Pringles at hand.

Tiny Little Houses

Tiny Little Houses is my friend Caleb Karvountzis' band/recording name and it is phenomenal.

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't really do acoustic. Anything. I won't listen to it, I don't particularly like it. I have however been trying very hard to get into it and the likes of Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros and Lisa Mitchell have been doing their best to ease me into it. However, this album took no getting used to. I fell in love with it the second I heard it.

It's basically the story of love - from first sight, to infatuation, to love lost, to true love. It's also loosely based around Oscar Wilde's character Lady Vane in The Picture of Dorian Gray. And several other girls in our own world. I'd really love it if you could give it a listen and leave a comment or two. And look out for him in the upcoming months for his EP and Album. It won't disappoint. The lyrics are so deep you'll have to re-listen a few times to get the full meaning. I'm really hoping the album will come with the lyrics printed in the inside booklet. I need it.

It's amazing. Get onto it.

You can find his prepossessing tunes here:

Plus, you'll be months ahead of everyone else when they find him. Sah Indie. Caleb will hate me writing that. Sah Ironic.


Noah and the Whale

My wonderful friend Caleb (who I'll get to in a minute) got me onto this band a while ago. Then, when I was in Bali driving to Nusa Dua for some snorkelling (which incidentally turned out to be dreadful and downright dangerous) his sister Leah put me onto this song. Listen. Enjoy. Don't book a dodgy snorkelling tour.

Kindgom Beyond the Waves

I've been trying to this for a while, and while I was in Bali I got stuck into it while I lounged around by the pool. It's not an easy read. It is a futuristic, yet classicly set novel. It's based around several main characters, all with separate agendas, who find themselves on a similar mission - beyond the waves. I love adventure, so I liked the major plot of discovering a long lost perfect society. Sometimes the immensity of the alternate reality of our own world is overwhelming in its intricacies, but once you get used to the fictional world the characters become real and you can't wait to find out what happens next. Give it a go.

Unknown Quantity

Vivienne Maier's life is one of immense sadness, for although she is perhaps the greatest urban photographer who ever lived, she died thinking that no one would ever know her works. She could not pay the rent on a storage locker that contained the thousands of negatives she'd accumulated during her life - and so it was sold and auction. However, in 2007 the collection was bought by a person who has been reconstructing and releasing her immense collection. Check out the official story and many of her photos at

She's inspired me. I'm sure she'll do the same for you.

I Have, You Should Too

Aloha Sunday!

I found a blog the other day that I've taken some photos from to share with you, to entice you to go and have a look at it. It's called Aloha Sunday and it's a surf collective - featuring clothing, photography, news, events, movie clip, the lot. Go and check it out yourself. If nothing else it'll make you really feel like summer has arrived.