Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Awkward And Say Cheese

If you haven't already (you probably have) you seriously need to stop whatever you're doing, unless you're driving a plane, and have a look at this website. I can't stop laughing. These photos are hilarious. Awkward, yet strangely nostalgic. They're from Awkward Family Photos, a website devoted to showing you the most awful of all family portraits. Get on it. Here's a couple to whet your appetite for the grotesque and bizarre.

Gives a whole new meaning to "teddy bear picnic".

I guess not everyone stops to help on the scene of a car accident. Some see it as a bit of a chance for a new family photo.

All that hair! I am seriously looking at this picture the same way this boy is looking at the camera. Eek.

His wife is totally in his head already. Happy life ahead brother.

Go and have a laugh all on your own here:

Scandal Galore

I was at VegeBar the other day for lunch and decided to pop across the road to the bookshop and I found a very battered copy of The Sanfield Scandal, a green penguin mystery dating back to the 40s. I'm really enjoying it. It has a very Agatha Christie feel to it, though the male author makes it less pretty and more direct. Nice. See if you can scrounge up a copy.

A Curious Sound

The other night I went and saw the Jezebels with some very fun friends and it was one of those gigs where you end up liking the pre-band entertainment more than the actual band you went to see. Though, don't get me wrong. I thought the Jezebels were rather good. Very good in fact. If I had that tiny little lady's voice I would never have to worry about voice projection in any situation ever again. However the first support act was really fun. Kind of like a blend of Sia's We Are Born album and Muscles' electric synth-pop sounds. Loved it. Check them out on the link here.

I think if they got a little bit more money behind them and put it into a slightly better recording quality they'll go far. Not long boys.

At The Bottom Of My Garden

I put a small glazed water bowl in my garden a year or so ago and all it has done is breed mosquitos for the most part. But the other day I was rummaging around and found this big frog in the bowl! In fact, I could actually hear him/her croaking at night for weeks, (I think because it croaks that means it's a boy, but I'm not sure. Didn't look that closely). So there you have it. Go check out a puddle near you.

Clean Out Required

I have a messy car. Yes, I'll admit that. But I love it, and when it gets a bit ridiculous I clean it. Like when there's a few too many apple cores in the cupholders, or when guests can't actually put their feet on the floor due to the build up of what looks like post-tsunami detritus. Well, this photo is of my car too. I was actually just transporting/transplanting it but it just looked like my car had got so dirty that it was sprouting papyrus. Thought I'd share.

Calendar Girl

This is the current picture on the 2011 Emily the Strange calendar that hangs on the little piece of wall between my wardrobe and my window. I don't even really like Emily the Strange, since Emo kids took her over and made her their queen, but nonetheless I like the illustrative work and there she will hang. Enjoy April.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shleich Fun

Make your own. Found these on Flickr. Or Ebay. Somewhere online. But we could totally make our own.

Paleontologists Never Die

I went and saw The Last Dinosaurs play at the Northcote Social Club the other night and they did not disappoint. Much better than then other bands that preceded them. Much like actual dinosaurs were much better than the drivel that preceded them. Here's a close up pic just because you're following this blog. Stay curious.

The Hawks Slaughter Melbourne

My first AFL match of the season was amazing. Not only did my beloved Hawks come back from a hideous first two quarters and 25 behinds, they won by a delightful 40 points. Yes, we're amazing. Thank you. Here's a pic from down on the ground. have a great week everyone.

Autumnal Roast

Recently, on way through the city on my way to Torquay, I popped in at VegeBar and had the best vegetable roast I have ever had. So, since then I've been thinking about it until I finally just decided to make my own. Here's the recipe. Make it. You'll love it.

You'll need: 4 or 5 Carrots
6 Potatoes
1 large Sweet Potato
1 Butternut Pumpkin

Chop up all of your vegetables (about 1 inch square) and chuck them into a pot of boiling water until they're par-boiled (15 min or so).

Mix up olive oil, thyme, four cloves of garlic, and a huge dollop of active Manuka honey. Pour this mix all over the vegetables in a pan.

Roast for 20-30 min until slightly black around the edges.

Accompany with a blob of hummus and tzatziki (seperately) with toasted turkish bread pieces. Garnish with a little green salad.