Friday, March 7, 2014


This morning I was talking to a friend who mentioned they checked out my blog and it made me realise I hadn't uploaded anything for quite some time. It's about time I did, I decided, so here's my run down:

1) I built a house. 

When I say "I" of course I actually mean "we". My now wife and I (I know, that's news too), built the house together. And of course when I say "built" I mean we paid other people to build. With my rather poor set of practical skills I'm fairly sure no one would be able to live in a house I'd built without it collapsing around them at every turn. (It also has driveway now; exposed aggregate. Nice). 

2) I got married! 

This was honestly the best thing to ever happen in my life. I know in the media marriage is portrayed as a negative event for a man: "25 years, you get less for murder!" or "First is the engagement ring, next the wedding ring, then the suffer-ring, get it?" 

But it isn't like that at all - well at least it's not for us. It needn't be when you marry someone you actually want to spend all your time with. Enough of the soppy stuff? Okay, let's move on.

3) I saw my favourite band live. 

I have been more than a little obsessed with Vampire Weekend ever since I heard their Afro-Pop Indie Rock vibe on my car radio that one time on the way to work. I love them. I also love Paul Simon's Graceland album too, but not as much as I love Vampire Weekend. They're just the best. 

Well, in January they graced Australia's shores and put on a killer show in Melbourne that I HAD to see. I elbowed literally hundreds of 17 year old hipsters to get to the front, but I did it. I endured the crushing, sweaty crowd and saw them all perform my favourite tracks (Walcott, Step, Unbelievers, Giving Up The Gun, White Sky, etc.) right in front of my eyes. There is nothing like it. 

4) I discovered a secret beach.

I'm desperately hoping it's not a private beach I've been using all summer without permission, but I stumbled across a small and relatively secluded beach on the Mornington Peninsula. It's amazing. It has rocky islands out in the water, a wonderful old concrete boat ramp to lie on and let the cool waves wash over you, crystal clear waters, and rock pools to explore. I spent an enormous amount of time there over summer. That'll be one of my special spots to go for years now.

I'll give you one clue: 'Hawkers'