Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some More Grouplove

Here are some videos to get you excited about Grouplove. I know I am.

Loving This Grouplove

I was on iTunes the other night, just perusing the music on offer and I came across a band (Grouplove) several times that other people had bought, as well as the bands I was searching. I resisted the purchase, but I was in JB Hi-Fi the next day or so and I asked a girl who looked cool and incidentally worked there what her most recent favourite band was. She said Grouplove. The same thing. So I bought it. It obviously had to be bought. And since then it's been playing in my car ever since and it's got all you need for a spring/summer road trip. Get yourself some good vibes today.

Aquapower Goodness

Someone said to me the other day, "You have really good skin. How come?" I took a moment to think and then remembered I bought BioTherm's Aquapower set while reduced a few months ago and have been using the regime on and off (actually to be honest, just when I remember to) but it's really improved the overall appearance and feel of my skin. So if you're looking a little dull, or no one has complimented you on your skin for a while give it a shot. It's much cheaper to buy in a set of three. And I believe you can get it from MYER. Do your skin a favour.

Preppy Jollification

I threw a hipster party just a few days ago to celebrate the end of term and the beginning of holidays and let me tell you, there were some seriously cool people there. Mainly due to the fact that I invited them of course, as you do, but the outfits were more than amazing. Here's a taste.

I'm Terribly Sorry

I know I say this every so often, but i've just been incredibly busy. I don't know how it happens. One minute you've got a few moments spare time lying on a mattress on your garage roof reading the latest Frankie Magazine in the sun, and the next thing you know you're worked off your feet and hating it. But as I'm on a holiday break I'll be blogging my heart out. So stay tuned for MANY new posts. Thanks for your patience.