Monday, February 20, 2012

Green Smoothie Delight

Just the other day I was bragging on facebook about the cucumbers I’ve recently grown, and two friends of mine suggested that I put them into a green smoothie. “Ew” is what I just heard you say. I know. But I put my trust in their ideas and got to work, chopping up a cucumber, some spinach leaves, two Granny Smith apples, some celery, and some fresh mint from my herb garden.  I then blended it all with a bit of water and I was left with a strange looking, very fresh smelling smoothie. It tastes amazing. Not only did it taste great but it does wonders for your health too. The main benefit of the smoothie is that it helps your body eliminate acids and create an alkaline environment, one in which disease (including cancer) simply cannot grow. Thus you can see the benefits.

So here’s the basic recipe:

Two Granny smith apples, diced (not peeled).
A handful of baby spinach leaves.
Several fresh sticks of celery, chopped.
A large cucumber, sliced.

Place in a blender with a cup of water or so. You may need to add water if needed to retain a drinkable consistency. Make sure you blend it well, you don’t want to choke on an unblended piece of apple peel or chunk of celery. For a flavour hit try adding organic juice instead of water, or fresh/frozen berries.

Enjoy. Let me know if you like it.

Thanks to Janelle and Nicole for getting me onto them! And to Janelle for texting me pictures of her shake in progress. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chamomile Assistance

I was flicking through a beginner's guide to aromatherapy I bought for 99c at a local thrift shop and I stumbled across Chamomile. It's actually indigenous to Britain. Apparently it's been used in the past for its cooling effects on fevers and also as popular shampoo. Well there you go. It's also great for gastro-intestinal problems, the book goes on, and can ease muscular pain and brings relief to those suffering with varicose veins. It can be used to alleviate acne, psoriasis, and cold sores. Bet you didn't know that. In fact, it suggests growing your own and drying the flower heads to make tea. And my friend Leah was reading a book called De-Stress and told me I should put cooled down infused tea bags on my eyes to relieve them too. I'm now on a search for the very chilled-out chamomile plant for an addition to my herb and vegie garden. If you find one, let me know.

Big M-ilk Addiction

I have a new addiction. Big M Iced Coffee. I'm not sure if you can get these overseas, but in Australia these are a national icon. However, ever since being a small and witty child I have been unable to drink milk as it is, flavour or no-flavour. But the other day someone got me onto a frappe which didn't kill me or give me anaphylaxis, which got me thinking about the Big M situation. I had one a few weeks go, and I've pretty much had at least one every day since. Oh dear. They've got 20 grams of protein per 600ml which is fantastic for gym, however they've got 56% of your recommended daily intake of sugar. Hmm. I'm still going to ride with it while my metabolism can take it. And I'm drinking litres of green tea to keep it that way. If you can get your hand on one, do so. Get on it.

While you're at it, watch this.

On Safari

I've liked Jinja Safari since their wonderful first single Peter Pan. It makes me think of running through the forest dressed in Native American attire, swaying fire sticks, planting things, faux fur and bells. I love it. So in recognition of my ongoing (and newly reignited) love of them here's a video for you to enjoy. Sway and frolic away!

Vegetable Patch Update

My organic vegetable patch that I planted a few months ago has really moved ahead and I've started getting some great produce all of my own. Thought I'd share. I've enjoyed piles of heritage lettuce (non GM) however the leaves are very bitter so I am reluctant to use them all of the time. The next batch I plant will be butter lettuce or iceberg or something equally as boring.

I also just helped some neighbours move in next door and they had a huge vegetable patch and herb garden at home, and they told me to take cutting or bits of whatever I wanted. I've now added a thyme plant, some parsley, a few roquette lettuces, some Australian mint, peppermint, oregano, and sage. Quite the herb garden! A german tourist whose been staying at my place announced to me the other day that he found cucumbers growing. There are a heaps on the way, still small but developing pretty quickly. I can't wait to make some green smoothies out of them. (Thanks Janelle and Nicole for the idea).

Anyway, I've just popped in another tomato plant and some sage seedlings and a less-gag-producing lettuce so I better go water them. Have a great sunny afternoon everyone.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I have seen these eCards for a while now. They pop on my Facebook newsfeed, my Instragram newsfeed, my actual newsfeed. They're everywhere. Well I just found out that you can log on and make your own. And then email them to people. Just like that. You pick from a huge array of vintage artwork and add your own quirky or vaguely offensive statement, choose a colour, and hey presto you've got an eCard of your very own creation. Here's a few beauties I found. Go make your own today. It's terribly fun.