Thursday, December 2, 2010

James Meets Oscar

The other night I popped in to my regular hairdressers and was rudely refused a cut due to being fully booked. How rude. So I then waltzed around the shopping mall looking for a suitable place to have a hair cut done instead of the original location. And did I find one or what! I stumbled across OscarOscar, a fresh, modern take on a salon full of lisping and spraying and snipping and good music.

I was immediately catered for, summoned to my comfortable chair, given a green tea and spring water to sip, had a back and neck massage before a full shampoo/condition and further massage, before actually starting the hair cut.

My hairdresser was incredibly good at his profession and tamed the wildebeest sitting upon my head and turned it into a James Dean quiff. I was more than happy. Plus all of their products and solutions are 100% organic. Nice effort OscarOscar. Pop in for your next cut (check out stores here), you'll feel amazing. And more like James Dean, which is always a plus.