Monday, May 23, 2011

Something That'll Make Your Nan Proud

This year's trending for fashion-minded folk is all about tasteful fluorescents and toned up bleakness. The kind of this that would've made an eighties throwback working in an architectural firm in the late nineties go "Oh yes, darl, that's delightful."

If I'd been shown some of these things seven years ago I would have died on visual-impact, yet they carry a strangely hopeful appeal. Sort of wear something trendy, but throw one hideously over-coloured item in the mix. See how you go.

This may take some trial and error. If I hit the fashion jackpot I'll post an outfit. 'Til then, go mix and don't match, and perchance a quick trip to your nan's for a few last minute additions. Such as a faux silver/gold leather clutch, or neon orange silk blouse.

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