Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Whole Pantry

Guess what?

Belle Gibson, the wonderful and ever-positive @healing_onlybelle we follow in Instagram, has finally given us all a sneak peek of the upcoming App and online, interactive community. It's called The Whole Pantry and is devoted to wellness, good nutrition, collective knowledge, life guidance and the environment itself.

What an exciting project! It centers around the concept of restoring balance in your life, the healthy way. And to do this, it supplies the support, motivation and recipes you need to do so. With The Whole Pantry Team behind you, what's not possible?

Belle has for a long time been a supporter of clean vegetarian eating, and her own health has benefitted as a result. As my previous post mentioned, she has overcome so much internally to become the inspiration she is today. And she did it by exercising, eating well and being positive. You're capable of all three of those things as well.

So, the App isn't out yet, but I'll be on the watch for it. And in the meantime, follow Belle on Instagram ( and be inspired to make positive changes in your own life.

Can't wait to join the community movement. Check it out for yourself at

See you there.

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