Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chilled Parsley and Green Pea Soup

This is not a recipe blog, but it's becoming a health and wellbeing one. It's developing and evolving as I am changing in my own lifestyle choices and health. And with the changes has come a shift toward healthy eating and lean food. 
I was on Martha Stuart's side project site called Whole Living ( and I came across a link to a website based in Copenhagen called My New Roots, which is a not-for-profit website run by a woman known as 'Sarah B'. It is a wealth of knowledge, ideas, recipes and healthy eating inspiration. 
I've stolen (let's say borrowed) just one recipe and a couple of images to show you how incredible the whole project is. It reminds me a lot of Belle Gibson's 'Whole Pantry' app and website in a way because it is simply designed to get people healthier. No strings attached. 
Go to the website and have a look for yourself. Amazing stuff. 

Chilled Parsley and Green Pea SoupServes 4
knob of coconut oil (or ghee)
2 medium onions (approx. 375g)
4 cloves garlic
a couple pinches sea salt
500g / 1lb. shelled peas (frozen is fine)
2 cups / 40g flat leaf (Italian) parsley, leaves only
3-4 cups / 1 liter vegetable broth (depending on how fluid you like it)
zest of ½ lemon 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. cold-pressed olive oil
1. Roughly chop onions and mince garlic.
2. In a large stockpot, heat a knob of coconut oil. When melted, add onions and a couple pinches of salt, stir to coat, cook for 5-10 minutes until onions have browned. Add garlic, stir to coat, cook three minutes.
3. Add 3 cups hot vegetable broth, (reserving 1 cup for blending) add peas, bring to a simmer and turn off the heat. Add parsley and fold in to wilt leaves. When the parsley has wilted, transfer the soup to a blender and blend on high until smooth (add extra broth if desired). Add lemon zest, juice, and olive oil, blend. Season to taste. Serve as is, or let cool slightly, then place in the fridge until fully chilled. Keeps for 3-4 days in the fridge.