Sunday, May 15, 2016

One Hell of a Good Brew

I was at the local supermarket this arvo and was stopped by a rad looking bloke at a kombucha stand outside a health store I frequent. He asked if my wife and I would like to try a range of five different types of kombucha he brews himself for his company "The Good Brew" and I acquiesced immediately.

Each individual brew had a unique taste, each with a mild fizz and the vague cider flavour. My favourites were the 'Original Pure Organic Green Tea' and 'Orange Blossom, Passion Flower & Turmeric' types, wheres my wife favoured the 'Sencha Mint, Apple & Chlorophyll' green brew.

Although some sources doubt the efficacy of kombucha - any naturopath can easily explain the innate health benefits of kombucha on the digestive system, its ability to boost immunity and a plethora of other positive effects the elixir can have.

I for one feel better when I am having more 'good bacteria' in the form of yoghurt and probiotic capsules. Not to say that every kombucha commercially produced is effective. It has to evolve from natural ingredients and a commitment to organic produce. The kind of commitment 'The Good Brew' has.

The best part about the whole experience I've had so far with the company (based in Brunswick, Melbourne) is that if you're willing to go to their factory to pick up your orders - you get a free six-pack pf kombucha and a game of table tennis.

Can't wait to try more of the range (including beers!) and I might ask the guys if they're willing to come out to my primary school class and teach them about the digestive system and let them taste kombucha as part of our 'Human Body' topic in term 4.

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