Thursday, July 22, 2010

Melbourne Winter

It's an odd time of year in Melbourne town. Winter has left us (if reluctantly), but is by no means gone. In fact it lurks around the corner and launches itself on us regularly, just when we expect it least. But with bitter weather comes delightful indoor moments such as the one I'm having now; perched on several pillows under a warm blanket with a big pair of Sennheiser headphones, Vampire Weekend in my ears, a warm glass of Go Go Geisha tea from T2 by my side, and The Philosophies of Andy Warhol lost somewhere in my bedding.

And it's these moments that make winter bearable. For if it wasn't so I think we'd all stop going to work, refuse to leave the house and just sleep. Like the sensible hibernating creatures do, wherever they may be. I think the thing I miss most from my summer life is a light tan. I look so healthy with one. So would you. Everybody does. Without it the bags under my eyes are dark, my face is sallow and pale, and I constantly get asked if I'm getting enough sleep. So I am trying to sit in the shallow sunlight at times and get a bit of vitamin D from the san (and the complimentary light tan that comes with it) but as such I'm having no luck.

Other than my lack of tan I've not been doing much. And as such I'll wish everyone a wonderful evening, wherever they are having it. Go Go Get some sleep.

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