Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Single Man

I recently saw A Single Man, directed by Tom Ford starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, and I cannot overstate how beautiful each scene is. Set in the 1950s, each scene is visually stunning and tentatively arranged, not to mention the perfectly chosen clothing and set-decor.

I strongly recommend you treat yourself to a viewing. Best enjoyed late at night with a bottle of wine.

The scenes that have become my personal favourites would be the interaction between Colin Firth's character and the Spanish bohemian man he meets at the liquor store under a pink hued Los Angeles sky, the slow-motion scene where he makes a gun-like gesture with his hand as he drives and aims it at the child playing cowboys and indians, and the scene where he tells the receptionist at the university he works at how beautiful she is while the camera focuses in on various parts of their body language.

It's as intense as it is alluring.

And keep an ear out for several poignant and meaningful quotes.

Some I found powerful were,

"Living in the past is my future."

"Most things don't work out the way people plan."

"One must always appreciate life's little gifts."

"If you're so smart why don't you do something new with your life?"

"Death is the future."

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