Thursday, September 30, 2010

Darwin Deez

This band is cool. As in, "I want to clap my hands and shake my shoulders in public with strangers when listening to them on my iPod in the queue at the bank" kind of cool. Their songs are bright, often cheerful, and have all been crafted with well though out and handmade lyrics, ones that will happily stick in your head if you want them to.

You'll find yourself singing lyrics like, "Or is it a constellation? Ahooooo", "I hope the last page of your 800 page novel is missing", "You are a radar detector", "You and I buy star maps and ding dong ditch televangelists", etc. Fun. Very fun. Grab yourself a copy of the album called Darwin Deez at your local record store and start feeling great.

Plus, you might make some new friends at the bank. Everyone can do with an extra acquaintance at the bank.


  1. I like the image of shaking shoulders with strangers at the bank

  2. Thanks Danica! I actually do this, it's very happy music. I'm a little crazy but it makes you friends. At the bank.