Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Awkward And Say Cheese

If you haven't already (you probably have) you seriously need to stop whatever you're doing, unless you're driving a plane, and have a look at this website. I can't stop laughing. These photos are hilarious. Awkward, yet strangely nostalgic. They're from Awkward Family Photos, a website devoted to showing you the most awful of all family portraits. Get on it. Here's a couple to whet your appetite for the grotesque and bizarre.

Gives a whole new meaning to "teddy bear picnic".

I guess not everyone stops to help on the scene of a car accident. Some see it as a bit of a chance for a new family photo.

All that hair! I am seriously looking at this picture the same way this boy is looking at the camera. Eek.

His wife is totally in his head already. Happy life ahead brother.

Go and have a laugh all on your own here:

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