Monday, January 30, 2012

Healing Thoughts

It's back to work time and I for one am rather vacillating in my thoughts about it. I know all of my colleagues are going to be hateful and down in the dumps about the new year starting with a prospect of a whole new year of work, (and to be honest I am a little bit that way inclined already). But In don't want to feel that way. At all.

The reason I start this post like this is because I'm currently reading a book by Louise L. Hay. It's her 25th anniversary edition of You Can Heal Your Life and it is amazing. Basically, the book is written in chapters with each chapter designed as a step of a larger process; one that is designed to help you in effect heal your own life. You begin by identifying your personal struggles or problems, figuring out where this problem came from, asking yourself if the issue you have is true or not, deciding what to do next, getting over resistance to change, identifying how to change, building a new reality for yourself, and then making the new reality your own true reality. It's amazing.

So you can see how this is related. I have a problem: Hating the idea of going back to work. Perhaps even feeling trapped or stale in my career. But there is a whole new way of thinking about the situation. In fact, thinking is a major component of the solution.

Let me illustrate it this way. Let's say the problem you have is financial. You never seem to get ahead. You live in debt. It feels as if there is no way out and you'll be like this forever. Now examine your thoughts. Stop yourself mid-thought and discern what that thought is. Is it positive or negative? What are you thinking as regards yourself and your finances. You probably think something along the lines of, "I just can't win." Or, "I'm not worthy of a comfortable life." Or perhaps you believe that debt and burdens are just necessary in life.

Now comes the change. If you think something is true, it becomes true for you, (and we're not talking about fairies here). If you believe you can't get out of the debt you're in, you never will. If you start believing that you can get out of debt, (which will in turn create a different outlook and different actions on your behalf), you will positively work towards a solution. And in time the solution becomes your reality. You're no longer in financial worries. Of course, it's not magic. You have to work at it. But it does work.

So I am thinking positively about my future, especially when it comes to my work. I will believe that my work is going to make me happy. It will challenge me and help me grow as a person. I will benefit from it, and I will enjoy it. There you go.

Now I'll get back to reading. Put it into practice people!

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