Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Belle Gibson's Inspirational Health Journey

Her name is Belle Gibson, but on Instagram she is known as @healing_onlybelle. She has had intense brain trauma, cancer, and intestinal damage. You'd agree she has plenty to complain about. But, the inspirational thing about Gibson is her undeniable magnetism and positive outlook, mainly due to her focus on living a largely active, simple life where she can concentrate and consciously savour the life she lives. Through her healthy (and I mean healthy), nutrient rich, vitamin abundant diet she is curing her cancer and healing her body. 

I started following Belle when I wasn't eating as well I used to. I felt guilty and lacklustre. But when I would see her positive affirmations and bright green freshly squeezed juices pop up on my Instagram feed I would think twice about my choices. How could I improve the food I was eating? Could I get back into my vegetable and fruit juices in the morning? Yes. Yes I could. And Belle helped me do it. 

Here are some of my own Instagram photos: (follow me on @landoftakewhatyouwant)

The best thing about Belle is she follows my progress and even comments on photos and loves hearing feedback from her fans. So much so she's in the process of making an App for your iPhone which will help you get the nutrients you need and heal your body too. I'll let you guys know when her App is out as well.

She also has her own blog, which you can visit at

So, follow Belle and feel the positive difference.

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