Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mojito, She Wrote

I'm a fairly fit, healthy person. I pride myself on that. Or else, I used to when I followed my strict regime of healthy eating and exercise each week. Last holidays however, I really let myself go. I didn't exercise once (not even for a brief walk or pushup session). Nothing. It was terrible. I was housesitting at the time and they had an enormous plasma T.V. so I just sat on the couch and watched about four entire seasons of Murder She Wrote (my guilty pleasure).

But out of all of this misery and lack of motivation came a wonderful discovery. At the time I was also desperately saving for my house deposit and thus couldn't really spend any money. So my lunches were very simple and I had very little extra cash to splash on 'luxury' items. So I would go doen to the local supermarket and find something to brighten my otherwise dull days and whilst doing just this I found the Lipton Ice Tea virgin cocktail range, in particular their Mojito.

If you do nothing else today, buy one. They're amazing. They're not cheap - sitting at about $2.50 for about 350mL but I recently learnt you can buy they in 1.25L bottles and just top up your little glass ones. Perfect.

I'd also like to add I did get back into my healthy lifestyle and I did so via Instagram. I'll post about that next. Happy Mojito-ing!

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