Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting My Wedding-Body On

The 20/20 Diet

So I'm getting married in 7 weeks. I know, that's exciting. But three weeks ago I was talking to some people and in conversation one man said, "Well, I'm not as fit as I was on my wedding day." And that made me think about my own health. I'm certainly not as healthy or as fit as I was a year ago. I used to go to gym three or four times a week. Now I'm lucky to go once. And even then I'm not consistent. Which made me take a long hard look at myself. I'd sort've let myself go. 

Once the shock and guilt had subsided, I decided I wanted to lose the little beer belly I was developing, trim down, shape up and get fit. But how? I then started talking to a friend at work, and she told me she'd just downloaded a book by Lola Berry onto her iPad and was thinking of starting the diet. 

I immediately didn't think I wanted to do it. I don't like the word diet. But I do like the word 'nutrition' and Lola is a nutritionist. She'd lost 20kgs in 20 weeks. I needed to lose about 5 in 10 weeks. Clearly I was onto something. 

So, what is the 20/20 diet? Basically, it boils down to three four things: 

- No grains (including wheat, rice, rye, spelt, etc.)
- No dairy (including milk, yoghurt, yellow cheeses, etc.)
- No sugar (no raw, caster, white, or cane sugar of any kind)
- At least four sessions of 45 mins of exercise per week. 

That sounds dreadful. I know. But it's actually not bad. 

The hardest part was cutting out the sugar, but that was even alright after three or four days. The headaches fade and you feel like you can really go a day without it. Fruit helps with that too. 

So, if you're stuck in a rut, or feeling sick often, or you just want to get a fresh start to your summer body, get into the 20/20 diet by Lola Berry. It's nutritious and you won't end up hungry. The nutrient rich vegetables, juices, meat dishes (if you're not vegetarian) and fruits will have you feeling fresh, healthy and glowingly well. 

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