Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Healthy Eating Ideas

This is how my 20/20 diet has been going. For updates or to watch my progress follow me on Instagram at landoftakewhatyouwant. Try some recipes! 

"Beet Your Cold" Juice

You'll need one beetroot, half a pineapple, one green apple, one small lime, three carrots, and several sticks of celery. Stick them in a juicer. Serve. Enjoy. 

"I'm At Work But Feeling Good" Juice

You'll need a jar with lid, half a celery, cucumbers, two green apples, a lime, and a piece of ginger root. Chuck them all in a juicer. Pour into jar. Bring to work and sip away your stress. 

"I Want to Give My Liver a Treat" Juice

You'll need several sticks of celery, some spinach (blended), a large cucumber, a large pink grapefruit, one or two green apples, a small piece of pineapple, and a piece of ginger root. Put them all through your juicer. This one is a little bitter due to the grapefruit, but the pineapple and green apple will mask some of it. Your liver thanks you. 

"Roast Vegetable, Spinach and Fetta Quinoa"

You'll need a beetroot, a large sweet potato, a butternut pumpkin, white quinoa, baby spinach leaves, and 200g Danish feta. 

Cook the quinoa in a pot, one cup per two cups of water and boil lightly until liquid is absorbed. Then cool. Next, roast beetroot wedges, cut up sweet potato and pumpkin in olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper in a hot oven for 40 mins. Stir the roasted vegetables through the cooked quinoa. Then stir through the spinach. The heat will cause it to wilt. Next, add the Danish feta, crumbed by hand on top. Serve. 

"The Stir Fry"

You'll need: broccolini, carrots, a beetroot, a bunch of radishes, a small piece of ginger, chicken breast fillets (hormone-free and organically raised), and garlic, a brown onion and olive oil. You may also need sweet chili, soy and oyster sauces.

Add olive oil, onion and garlic to a hot wok. Stir for two minutes to release flavours. Add chicken pieces if desired (breast fillets, chopped into six pieces). Add sliced carrot and beetroot and grated ginger. Stir and simmer for three or four minutes. Lastly, add broccolini cut into three pieces along the stalk, leaving the heads in tact. Add sweet chili, soy and oyster sauce if desired. You can also add some radish sliced using a mandolin slicer. Serve.

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