Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is a public beach on Long Island. There's a reason why it's famous, Long Island Iced Tea. I can't get enough of them, as I'm sure you can't. It's the official drink of this blog (and the blog owner) so you need to know what to make if you find yourself holding the figurative reigns of a bar. Here's the official CTU recipe.

The Curiouser Than Usual Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

1 shot of Vodka (pref. SKYY)
1 shot of Gin (pref. Bombay Saphire)
1 shot of White Rum (pref. Bacardi)
1 shot of Silver Tequila (pref Gran Patron)
1 shot of Triple Sec (Grand Marnier of course)
1 and a half shots of Sweet & Sour Mix
plenty of Coca-Cola (pref. bottled Coke, not that silly on-tap stuff)
8 large ice cubes

Layer the drink into a very tall tumbler and add a stirrer and slice of lemon. Turn on Vampire Weekend's Mansard Roof and enjoy. Ah.

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