Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raw Fail

As aforementioned, I decided to try going "raw" by eating only non-processed whole foods, like non-cooked fruit and vegetables. Well, that did not happen. I instantly felt cravings for foods I don't even normally eat. Like Nutella. All of a sudden I am eating a box of Savoy biscuits slathered in Nutella like a pregnant woman with midnight cravings. Ugh.

I did however eat enormous amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit and/or vegetable juices. I did become more 'regular' in regards to toilet stops, and I do actually feel better. The cravings for ridiculously bad foods stopped towards the end of the week. The hardest thing to give up though is actually bread.

You don't realise how much bread you consume in a day. It's outrageous. But I'm going to cut that right out this coming week.

I think I've learnt that you can't just 'go raw'. You need to adapt slowly or else you'll just fail in the most spectacular way. Like I did. Just make small adjustments. Bring 6 or 7 pieces of fruit and vegetables and salads to work for snacks, allow yourself to eat a few bits and pieces of 'bad food' (e.g. bread) when you feel like it, but only a small piece. Then your cravings will slip away. Okay, here goes the next week of healthy eating.

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