Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going All Raw On You

I am not a fat person. In fact, I'd be considered rather trim. But when I started gym about seven months ago I really thought these amazing abs would just bulge out from my stomach and pectoral muscles would soon prevent me from seeing my feet. No such luck.

Don't get me wrong, gym has helped me enormously. I sleep better, feel better, and look better. I went from 69kg to 76kg in just a few months and have kept it there. People see me and ask whether I work out. It's like a commercial for protein powder, or seedy pickup lines. The problem lies, not with my muscle growth rate but with the fat I'm still carrying.

As a male I tend to carry just a little bit of fat around my gut which can shrink and expand with just a pint of beer. So, what I need to do before Bali, is cut out processed rubbish and ALL fastfoods. I have done this to a degree, cutting out McDonald's and the like from my diet. I eat far more vegetables, and although I'm not vegetarian I have cut out a lot of meat. But It's simply not enough. So, in order to get fantastic abs and popping pecs I'm going to try a raw diet.

Now, before anyone decides to tell me I'm going to die of B12 deprivation, calm down, I'm getting some supplements.

But, why raw? Well think about it. Raw food is still alive. An uncooked seed can be planted and grow into another plant. It's life energy still exists within it. Yet, a cooked seed won't grow. I want more energy, and to be more in tune with nature. A raw diet will do this. The benefit of a raw diet are extensive, and certainly weight loss is not the main attraction. You also have more energy and no longer need stimulants to feel good. You have better sleep and rarely feel groggy or tired in the morning. Your skin regenerates faster and acne or blemishes decrease or disappear. Your bowel movements (however gross this is) become more regular and you thus rid yourself of more toxins than you normally would. The list goes on. If you're finding this interesting then type in "raw diet benefits" into google and check out all of the benefits. They're very encouraging.

So, in short, I'm going to go raw. Wish me luck. I'll let you know How I feel and any changes I experience. So long.

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