Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vegetable Patch Update

My organic vegetable patch that I planted a few months ago has really moved ahead and I've started getting some great produce all of my own. Thought I'd share. I've enjoyed piles of heritage lettuce (non GM) however the leaves are very bitter so I am reluctant to use them all of the time. The next batch I plant will be butter lettuce or iceberg or something equally as boring.

I also just helped some neighbours move in next door and they had a huge vegetable patch and herb garden at home, and they told me to take cutting or bits of whatever I wanted. I've now added a thyme plant, some parsley, a few roquette lettuces, some Australian mint, peppermint, oregano, and sage. Quite the herb garden! A german tourist whose been staying at my place announced to me the other day that he found cucumbers growing. There are a heaps on the way, still small but developing pretty quickly. I can't wait to make some green smoothies out of them. (Thanks Janelle and Nicole for the idea).

Anyway, I've just popped in another tomato plant and some sage seedlings and a less-gag-producing lettuce so I better go water them. Have a great sunny afternoon everyone.

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