Monday, September 3, 2012

Afternoon Recovery Kit

It's 2:03 PM and you're starting to feel a little tired. What do you do? When I hit my mid afternoon mental brick wall I crack out the afternoon recovery kit:

1. Find a new catalogue or magazine.

This allows me to plan some new purchases (which is the next best thing to actually getting some new stuff) and also shows me ways of putting things together. It is also a great distraction from actual work. Although it's perhaps not as kind on your bank account. My new favourite catalogue is the Country Road and Witchery Man W.Manual - which you can see online here:  (Country Road) and here:

And here's the Country Road Spring Collection film. It might distract you just that little bit more.

2. A mug of coffee.

It's literally amazing how good this can make you feel. Caffeine is a drug, I hear from dubious sources, however I'm not convinced. I like to think of it as an elixir. Just the other week I read an article about how scientists are attempting to remove some sort of enzyme from coffee beans that can fight cancer. In fact it mentioned that having one coffee a day can help prevent cancer altogether. How about that? So, get yourself a nice mug (this one is from Freedom) and make yourself a coffee - or as I've been doing more recently bring your mug with you down the street and get a nice barista to fill it up.

3. Get online and discover something amazing.

My afternoon discovery today was the trailer for Moonshine Kingdom. Such an amazing looking film. I'm taking my girlfriend to see it this weekend and I'll write up a review for you all when I return. Here's the trailer for your own perusal and discovery.

Anyway. There's my afternoon recovery kit. I hope yours is just as boringly fun.

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