Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon

The wait is over. Two Door Cinema Club, one of the best new bands emerging out of the last few years, has finally released its new album. Yes, a new album. I know you've been shuffling your iPod restlessly, hoping something you haven't actually given a proper listen to will come on to entertain you. It might. But if that doesn't work out for you - this will.

Like their last album, it's full of fun, busy and multi-layered tracks. It has a similar tempo, yet interestingly has a few slower songs that are equally as addictive. The electro drums are perfectly teamed up with the intricate guitar strokes and the overall effect is energizing.

I haven't had enough time to fully grasp the meaning of the lyrics, but my initial feelings are that of love found rather than lost, and a sense of forced growing up. But I'll deal more with that later.

Until next time, do yourselves a wonderful favour and get it soon.

1 comment:

  1. Beacon is a really fun album. i can't get "Sleep Alone" out of my head!