Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Van She - Idea of Happiness

What's your idea of happiness?

Love? Sunshine on your face? Strange adventures? Midnight swims? Rambling conversations with your best friends? Listening to MGMT whilst driving down to the beach with your windows down?

Van She is the Electro-Pop love child of Matt Van Schie and Tomek Archer and they're from Sydney, Australia. A wonderfully sunny and happy city to begin with. When they originally came out their label introduced them this way: " A new band from Sydney fresh on ideas, fresher than Falvor Flav, fresh like coriander, fresher than the Fresh Prince, fresher than fresh eggs." Yep. They're pretty fresh.

So, their new album is now out too - and I personally much prefer this one. It's newer and has much more atmosphere than their debut album 'V'. My favourite track is their title track 'Idea of Happiness'.

Check it out. Get happy.

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