Saturday, May 8, 2010

Designer Profile: Lauren Smales

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Smales, an up-and-coming designer of all things unique and decidedly sui generis. Still undergoing her creative education, Lauren finds inspiration in many places and likes to create all things wonderful. Mostly dabbling in fashion sketches and couture she designs herself, this is what she had to say. 

CTU: "What do you plan to do in the future? (Once you've finished your schooling)."

LS: "I'm tossing up between fashion/styling and visual merchandising, though I think a gap year would be needed before then. Peru is looking pretty good."

CTU: "What or who are your inspirations?"

LS: "The inspiration changes everyday, depending on my mood. It could be a song, a photograph. Anything. Though, in terms of people [I get inspired by] Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Garance Dore."

CTU: "Excellent choices."

LS: "Oh, and any film by Tim Burton. Any!"

CTU: "How would you describe your individual style?"

LS: "Chameleon."

CTU: "Oh, nice!"

LS: "I tend to mix up the genres a bit, between vintage and modern basics. But there is usually a grandpa cardigan involved."

CTU: "What is something you're currently working on?"

LS: "I spend a lot of time doing portrait sketches, fashion illustration type things."

CTU: "Describe something in particular, perhaps a piece of clothing?"

LS: "I'm currently in the production process of my formal gown, which is a mix between Alice in Wonderland and Pebbles from the 'Flintstones'. Imagine a cute cave-girl falling into a rosebush... but better. [Laughs] I'm not sure how to describe that any better or worse than that."

CTU: "No that's great. Now, what quote inspires you?"

LS: "It's times like these I think life is amazing and everything is going to be okay."

CTU: "Who is it by?"

LS: "I came up with it myself. It inspires me to look forward and not be so negative."

CTU: "Ok, well I think that's it. Thanks."

LS: "Wow. That was harder than I thought it would be. Okay, awesome."

CTU: "[Laughs] You did well."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a voice of the future of fashion. 

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