Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spook Magazine

Are you like me? Do you become disappointed with the tawdry dross that is often mistaken for quality magazines and publicly available intellectual articles? I do. But that was until I stumbled across a very impressive and culture-rich publication known only as SPOOK Magazine. SPOOK has articles about actual musicians (not the commercially produced million dollar puppets found in most other sundries), interesting and rare quips about lesser known celebrities and people of importance, realistic yet sharp fashion advice, and a myriad of strange and hard hitting articles about everything from politics to zine production. 

Do yourself a curious favour and buy a copy of Issue 3 out now (and go straight to page 102 and see a little article about me too). 

Also, check out the fabulous promo video for the latest edition (dubbed the Mental Health Issue) here and go have a look-see around SPOOK's own website here

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