Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh Possum!

Snuffles, holding one of his beloved Cheezels. 

This article is so much weirder than the words "curious" and "unusual" warrant but I think you'll enjoy it just the same. 

Meets Snuffles, the delightful possum who was found as a youngster by a friend of mine's grandmother and kept as a pet for many enjoyable and heartwarming years. They played together, had afternoon tea together, but probably didn't climb any gumtrees together. They did, however, eat Cheezels together. 

In fact, Cheezels become Snuffle's core dietary intake. The powdered cheese and corn starch served him well though, and he lived to a ripe old age. And when he sadly passed away many years after being adopted by the sweet woman, she wrapped him up in a plastic bag and popped him into the freezer. 

The other family members are still not quite sure why she did this, but when they found Snuffles wedged between a bag of peas and the some spaghetti bolognese sauce in a Tupperware container they buried him. With dignity. And potentially a box of Cheezels. 

How strange. 


  1. hahah that is indeed massively strange! where did you source this from?? i'd get a shock if I found a frozen possum between various frozen vegies!

  2. I asked Andy to freeze 4-year-old Henry's mouse Gaga (yes, before the lady) because he was visiting his sick uncle when the wee sleekit timrous beastie passed away. On our return, we were able to take a pic of Henry holding Gaga, tail stiff but otherwise looking lively, before we put him six inches under. Doubtless grandma couldn't bear to part. Maybe said family should have, instead, had her join Snuffles in the deep freeze.

  3. Thanks Mel, it was actually a friend of mine - true story. No 'sourcing' required. Haha. Glad to bring a little oddity into everyone's day.