Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ron Mueck's Curious Creations

The Incredibly large newborn. 

The curiously small dead man. 

Ron Mueck is an amazingly curious man. I recently visited his small yet unusual exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and was more than intrigued by
his surreal fiberglass and polypropylene creations. As I entered the artspace I sensed an uneasiness about me. About forty people had gathered around a pure white rectangular plinth, in the centre - a small naked man lying on his back, eyes shut, as if dead. But he was of impossible size; no bigger than two feet long. He was perfectly proportioned, but oddly pale under the fluorescent lighting. 

Next, I find myself standing in front of a newly born baby approximately 8 meters in length! Its eyes just slightly open, umbilical cord still attached, it just lay there as people milled about exclaiming in soft whispers at how lifelike it was. Too strange. 

I strongly suggest taking yourself on a little misadventure and seeing some of Ron's beautiful works. See more about him here (NGV site) or here (Life Casting Profile). 

The man on his lilo. 

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