Saturday, October 2, 2010

Favourite Collections

I have this innate sense of collecting things. I like lots of different styles and eras and I occasionally come across something I think "will do perfectly" and I get it, take it home, and never see it again. Well, that's not entirely true. It sits there and will occasionally get the spotlight of a prominent bookcase shelf or desk corner, but it's really hard to display these little collections without turning your space into a regular secondhand garage-sale antique junkyard. But I found someone who has conquered the problem. With a blog.

Lisa Congdon, a delightful lady who lives in sunny San Francisco, has developed a blog called A Collection A Day where she photographs or illustrates a collection of her favourite collections once per day, 365 days for all of 2010. I love this idea, although I'm not sure I've got quite enough collections for that. But it's a great blog, one I know you'll love.

So go have a look and make a collection of something in your room. It's addictive.

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