Monday, October 4, 2010

Learn To Be Oh So Preppy

Just the other day I was with two delightful friends of mine and we had just descended from Rooftop Bar which is right at the top of Curtain House on Swanston St. in Melbourne and on the way down we came across a curious little bookshop.

I'm a book hoarder and I read voraciously so I thought a look in there would be perfect. Well, I found a book I just had to have. It's called 'True Prep' by Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd and it is now my complete guide to being one well dressed and ultra-Preppy individual; even if I wasn't born into the Updike family.

It shows the reader how to select loafers, what to wear on casual fridays at work, how to interact with various family members, what to make of you're invited to a fabulous garden party, and a do-it-yourself eulogy kit. Yes this is one of those cradle-to-the-grave books you simply must have. They even have a website. Have a look here.

It'll make you fabulous.

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