Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Your Glasses On

Photo: Compliments Sam Clements

I'm introducing you to the sunglasses and eyewear of spring (southern hemisphere), which will become the ones you will want to buy. I have a weakness for luxury items and my growing sunglasses collection is certainly not in anyway immune to this.

Think round. If you don't trust me go and ask Tom Ford. He'll tell you. The rounder the better. Plus the next time someone says, "Will you just have a look round for me darling" you'll say, "Sure thing sweets, I already am!"

It's not just the completely round frames either, you can just have a hint o' roundness. Feel free to angle-grinder the un-rounded corners of your current sunglasses down until you're satisfied. If not, check out Tom Ford's current line here.


  1. wow this is strange. I totally know that guy in the first pic Sam Clements, his brother Jake used to work with my partner and I went to their joint birthday party this year lol. oh yeah btw I am the guy who asked you where you got your wallet from while i was serving you tonight when you bought wrapping paper. Cool blog ;-)

  2. Haha! Small world eh. Yeah, Sam's quite a cool guy, and I guess cool people enjoy a smaller world than others. :P The paper worked a treat by the way. Have a GREAT weekend!