Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monster Children

Do you like skateboards for the simple fact that they look like fun and have great graphic work, although you can't actually ride one? Do you like to drink Corona beer when you want to feel like you're sitting on a middle-american beach under a palm? Do you wish you could surf? Do you have a secret obsession with Skate3 on Xbox and then tell all of your friends you're learning to actually skate? I do. And I thus love Monster Children. And thus I just bought the newest edition and I'm loving every cutting-edge page.

In this edition (No. 28) you'll find out what's in Ari Marcopoulis' bag, the ten things that Taylor Steele hates, all about shark hunting in the North Atlantic, a bit about The Crocodiles music life, and lots of other fun and alternative tidbits. Go out and grab yourself a copy and check out the website while you're there.

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