Sunday, May 25, 2014

Keep Going, It All Counts

Me at gym today. Clearly not a morning person. 

It's the first day of week two, and I need to confess that although I had an excellent week of eating well and avoiding all bad carbohydrates - I had a bad day on Sunday.

It all started out with no breakfast. I was rushing in the morning to get somewhere and didn't get time. I was starving. My parents got back from Taiwan so I was visiting them for lunch. While there I had a fresh salad of homegrown greens and pumpkin soup. But there were hot crusty bread rolls (not even wholemeal) on the table and I couldn't resist.

Then I ate a Nutella sandwich on white bread.

Suddenly I felt guilty, as if I'd ruined my 'day' of clean eating. I gave up. So when it came to heading over to a friend's place for homemade wood fire pizzas in their new alfresco oven, I didn't resist. And after four or five slices of the warm dough, I ate a whole mini-pizza smeared with Nutella. I was mortified.

Instead of giving up on my new healthy eating and living plan entirely though, I've seen this as a incident that I can recover from and continue on. I mean, no runner would start a race from the beginning if he'd fallen over three kilometers into the race. He'd just get up, dust himself off, and keep running.

So that's what I'm doing. I've 'dusted myself off' by drinking litres of water and lemon juice to detox, and I'm prepared for another week of gym, healthy food, and feeling good. It's a journey. In fact, I got up early again this morning for a quick super-set session of weights and then some stretches. I'm feeling better than I did yesterday already.

As a side point though, I did feel different after eating the wheat and processed carbs and sugar. I actually felt bloated, sluggish and even a little nauseous - something I didn't feel once all week when I was eating well. That's something to take note of. It reaffirms the fact I'm on the right path.

So if you're struggling, or you've started and have a relapse, don't feel bad. Just get up, and continue your positive changes. It all counts.