Sunday, May 11, 2014

Murder, She Wore

If I make one fashion prediction for 2014, it's that everyone will either knowingly or unknowingly start modeling their wardrobe after Murder, She Wrote characters.

The audacious woolen knits, oversized spectacle rims, brooches, shoulder-pads, side parts, and burgundy blazers will be back. It'll be enough to make Angela Lansbury sigh with content.

The 90s were great. We had mobile phones and the internet, but they didn't rule our lives. People had enough pride in themselves to look nice when they went out, and it was cool to be smart. The newspapers were read daily and people ate well - but didn't obsess over "eating raw" and exercising 'til they collapsed in a  pile of sweat and humiliation. You could eat a bowl of sugary cereal every now and then without some health guru making you feel guilty. Although you could pop into gym for a quick jazzercise session to Mariah or Britney if you needed some trimming down.

Men were handsome and debonaire in suits and blazers, when a watch was a timepiece and the pen you carried around with you was a status symbol. Women were powerful in their shoulder-padded jackets and slacks, they could be your corporate boss and still have time for a blow wave and a cigarillo.

It was a time that should come back. I'm already half there I think. I'm literally one tortoise shell pair of round-framed glasses and a baggy t-shirt with a tight neck away from being an extra on an episode of Murder, She Wrote. And loving it.