Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nomadic Cafe Berwick

I was looking forward to Nomadic cafe opening to see what it would be like and I finally got to go last Saturday for a late breakfast. I can only describe the food here as superb. 

All four of us had something different and every meal was both visually and literally delicious. I had a combination of homemade baked beans (in a unique sauce of herbs, spices, mushrooms) on thick slices of toast and their crunchy hash browns. It was perfect. The people I was with were all equally as impressed with their meals. 

The staff were very friendly. I was discussing the interior of the building with my friend (and we have rather loud voices) and we were overheard by who I assume was the owner/manager. He ended up joining the conversation and explained that some of the features weren't finished yet. I noted that the large plywood bench facade wasn't in keeping with the overall feel of the place. He explained that he has originally planned for a local artist to create a black and white sculptured facade to run along the bench - but had been let down just as the cafe had opened and thus was left with no option but to use the plywood. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's finished though. 

Even if the actual design of the restaurant is a work in process, the bones of the cafe are in and they are very promising. With some art on the walls and a few pot plants to liven the space, this will be my local hangout for Seinfeld coffee catchups and great food. 

In fact, they are opening a bar at the back of the restaurant to develop a night scene as well. The outside space looks really industrial with its bare oversized light bulbs hanging from a black ceiling, enormous red graffiti mural wall and rusty metal bar. I can't wait for that to open up soon. 

I love it. If you live nearby Berwick in the South East of Melbourne, I definitely recommend you go.