Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tiny Little Houses Give Me Another Reason To Like Them

Tiny Little Houses, the band fronted by creative Caleb Karvountzis, a while ago released the single 'everyday i wake i find another reason not to' and it does not disappoint. The band is changing their direction slightly, veering away from their paradigmatic folk and exploring a vivid, echoey layered world of reverberating detail and darkness.

The lyrics themselves, sung by Karvountzis, take effort to decipher - hinting at depressive ideation, but suggesting a much warmer and univocal clarity. It evokes thoughts of hazy Sunday mornings, uninvited sunlight, cold floors, and an unshakable intellection of the pointlessness of capitalistic westernness.

It reminds me of Youth Lagoon with its stratum of distant percussions, melody and words, but varies in its perceptibility. Definitely one for the music library.

Listen online and purchase on band camp: