Sunday, May 11, 2014

Unconsciously Mindful

"The subliminal aspects of everything that happens to us may seem to play very little part in our daily lives. But they are the almost invisible roots of our conscious thoughts." - Carl Jung

Earlier in the year I went to Lorne in Victoria, Australia for a surf camp. Lorne is a wonderful beachside town, nestled in amongst the rainforest-covered hills of the Great Ocean Road. It has a collection of quaint shops and chipper coffee haunts. And it has a fabulous bookshop.

I went there a few times to have a gander and start coveting some of the titles on display, and while there I was drawn to a book entitled 'Subliminal' by Leonard Mlodinow. It is a work devoted to the subliminal mind and how it works. Moreover, it is an exploration into what is termed as the 'New Unconscious' and the lessons we can learn from it.

Mlodinow explains the 'New Unconcious' as "the new science of the unconscious", which of course is the result of the new technologies we have in the present day that allow for the accurate understanding of how the subliminal mind works. And the results are astounding.

I genuinely encourage you to read it, as it explains what is possibly some of the most incomprehensible areas of psychology in a way that is not only accessible, but also entertaining and inspiring.