Friday, November 19, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Today was just beautiful weather. There really is no country with nicer weather than Australia. Well, minus the occasional hurricane, flash flood, drought and immense bushfire that has the potential to wipe out half a state in less than a week, yeah. Great weather. So to celebrate the arrival of such obliging meteorological conditions I headed out to the bay for a quick light salad on a decking overlooking the aqua ocean and then popped back home for some tea in the sun.

A few months ago I grabbed a banana lounge at Freedom for $14.50 which was originally around the $40 mark. Great buy. So I got that out of cold storage and propped open it out under the bay tree and the camelia hedge (still in it's early stages). Next I brewed a pot of 'Botanica' tea from T2, cut a lemon and added a dash of it to the tea (and a slice of it to my glass of Coke), whipped out Tender is the Night, which I've been meaning to read for weeks now, and got comfy.

I adored it. Here's a taste of it all. Prices of items included at the end. Go and get some sun if you can. Enjoy the day.

Tea Infuser Pot - $17.95 @ IKEA, Beach Towel - $49.95 @ Country Road, Penguin Classsics Tender is the Night - $9.95, David Jones, Banana Lounge $34.95 @ Freedom, Botanica Tea - $12.95 @ T2


  1. You are just too lovely Nate - minus the hairy legs! ;) love lisa xx

  2. The hairy legs are my soul Lisa! They remind me I'm imperfect. Haha!