Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diarise it!

It's that time again. Heading into November with engagement parties and wedding invitations coming out of my ears I realised now was the time to invest in a diary for 2011. Whilst parading my new self-perceived gym body around Chadstone I waltzed into Kikki.K and found a diary that I knew would be perfect. I got the larger size and then proceeded to cut strips of various magazine images out to cover up the areas of patterns I didn't like so I'm already making it unique and all my own.

You'll love the bonus stickers and address book too, (which I incidentally gave to a quaint Italian lady I sat next to in a meeting the other day). So go and check it out here and get organised.


  1. Bull! I have the exact same diary! In the same size! Except work paid for it... yesss!!
    It's on my blog too, ha.

  2. No way! Well, yes way! I went and saw. We're just too cool. Similar taste I see. Genius works in twos. :P