Monday, November 29, 2010


Just an update on the aforementioned lorikeet situation at my parents place: On Saturday morning, or perhaps Sunday morning - I forget now, we heard some loud screeching coming from a large tree in our front yard. Then more squawking coming from a tree in our backyard.

Our non-pet lorikeet who my dad had rescued from a car/lorikeet pileup was beside itself in the cage we'd lovingly provided for it. And then my dad realised this was its family. Apparently the day before mum had spotted a lorikeet screeching in a tree not far from our rescued bird.

According to lorikeet lore they search for their family if one's missing and then go back, round up the rest of the colourful family, and return to get the lost member. So they did. Dad opened the cage and the excited bird was reunited with its feathery family. The end. Thought you'd like to know. Ta ta now.

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