Monday, November 29, 2010

Ex Libris

The elite and socially conscious Curiouser Than Usual book club has gathered select members already. The club list is as follows, in no particular order:

Foundation Members

Tina B.
Luke S.
Jessica R.
Rachel F.
Nathan V.
Roddy R.
Rhiannon O.

Feel free to join. Let us know via comment and we'll add you to the oh-so-secret-society list. Get reading The Great Gatsby as it's out first book. And copy the little nautical Ex Libris book plate crest onto your desktop, print it out, and stick it inside the front cover and write your name in it. That is now the official Curiouser Than Usual Bookplate. Let's get secretive.


  1. Count me in N! Already started reading it (well, reading it again)

  2. Nice book plate! If anyone wants to borrow my copy of The Great Gatsby... I can mail it to you! Email me at brambleandbear(at)

  3. Thanks Rachel. And welcome Rhiannon to the Curiouser Than Usual Book Club. I'll pop you on the Foundation Members list. Happy reading. We'll start commenting on it in a week or two.