Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fashion Forecast #1

A new segment of this blog is going to be the Fashion Forecast. Curiouser than usual forecast several big movements of the year that was 2010 (such as rolling up your cuffs, salmon shirts and rounded eyewear) and now it's time to do the same for you this year.

Forecast #1

This season I predict a movement toward the 90s fashion that used to make you gag, but with a slight twist. The white t-shirt will come back, slightly more fitted then it has been in 2010, accompanied by denim on denim (think jeans with a different tint of denim shirt or vest. Collars will be big, so will hair. Boys, get your hair out of a quiff and into a more relaxed fringe and 'pushed up' style. Girls, grown your hair and comb t back, add a little gel and think of Twiggy.

I also think cowboy boots will make yet another comeback, even though for many people they never left. Boys, go buy some white shorts above the knee. Girls, get a black sequined jacket. Boys and Girls - grab a brooch form an op shop, maybe something with turquoise or jade, and pin it under your collar. Get a polo shirt. Take pride in your watch, maybe even branching out into something you've never tried like a leather strap or circular face.

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  1. the guy in the tennis gear.. has REALLY HAIRY LEGS