Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Headdress Out

This Sunday is Big Day Out in Melbourne and I for one am really exciting. And since Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are playing I'm going all Native American Indian and feathery. But I don't want to completely destroy the rather expensive one I bought online and have blogged about previously so I decided to make my own. So here is how you make a feather headdress and accompanying neckpiece.

Step 1.

Buy some feathers. Choose colours that will suit your outfit or the day for which you're making it. Be as adventurous or as natural as you like.

Step 2.

Get a selection of beads that will match your feathers. These are mainly for the neckpiece.

Step 3.

Go to you local craft shop (preferably a small business) and find yourself some ribbon. Get as detailed and intricate designs as you can, always remembering to stick with the colours you have already chosen for the feathers and beads. But feel free to add some more colour. More is always better. I got mine from a little craft shop called Craft Haven on Adams Lane in Berwick, (for more details check out the store here: The lady there is really friendly and was eager to help so check out the little shop there if you can.

Step 4.

Cut your ribbon to match the cheap costume American Indian headdress you've bought from a discount or variety store. Then, layer the pieces symmetrically in the order you want them to be on the main headpiece.

[Side Note: I found Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength Construction Adhesive to work much better than PVA glue. Although it's used to build houses so just be careful where you put it. I almost permanently adhered several pieces of ribbon to my hand and then my hand to my desk.]

Step 5.

Trim the ribbons to neaten up the main headpiece once they are all stuck on.

Step 6.

Choose the feathers you want to build the centerpiece of your neckpiece. Then poke them all into a bead to keep them together.

Step 7.

Tie three beads onto a piece of twine evenly and then add the feather+bead combinations to them.

And here is the finished product.

Step 8.

Look incredible and have people wish they were you.


  1. I REEEALLY want to check the 'Fabulous' box... but I just can't bring myself to.... you know why!

  2. Haha! DO IT Megan! You know you want to. :P

  3. Just thought i would let you know that this post has inspired me to make a hippy headband for laneway festival! It's not as well made as yours but i still can't wait to wear it! :D