Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beginning Again

It is the beginning of a brand new week. You can forget about the mix up at the hospital, bringing up the size of someone's head, awkwardly tripping in public and then continuing to walk as if nothing happened, falling off that silly little black stool at that coffee shop, and burning dinner. It's time to start afresh.

Wake yourself up with a latte from down the road and whip out a notebook to write down the things you need to accomplish. Then, since most of you aren't on holidays anymore, work all day without looking at the clock. Eat a healthy, energising salad or focaccia for lunch and grab some weekly DVDs on the way home to watch tonight. Grab a box of Nestle Drumsticks while you're at it and have a night in. There. Your day has transformed from dull and hideously boring to accomplishable and positive.

And while you're being so darn organised and Devil Wears Prada personal assistant-ish, grab yourself a copy of Man About Town. You'll find it at Borders and it will entertain men and women alike. There's an article on Patrick Grant, a history of soap, an in-depth interview with Pharrell Williams, and lots of inspirational fashion advice. So get a copy and start reading. Have a fabulous week everyone.

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