Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Down To Business Cards

Curiouser Than Usual now has business cards. We thought that business cards might be a nice addition to the upcoming blog and what better way to direct Best In Show well-dressed strangers than a little card. The cards are square and feature this image on one side, and then the background colour from the blog on the other with the website in the site's own grey font. But none of this could have been possible without the suggestions, ideas, and skills of Luke Surace, a dedicated creative whom I worked closely with in the design of the cards. Check out the VISIVO website here: (you might have to give it a week or so 'til it's up and running).

I look forward to casually making conversation about architecture and dead shots over a Long Island Ice Tea with you and passing you one of the business cards as I leave, tossing my fringe, walking into the sunset. Or something.

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